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Balloon shooting is an archery game, in which you can shoot balloons of different colors in the air, using a bow and arrow. In this balloon game, you get 5 arrows to shoot the balloons, if the target is missed then you lose one arrow.

As the game goes, you get to see many surprise elements like the bomb, chain ball, unlimited arrows, crossed axe etc.

Enjoy shooting the balloons in an outdoor environment by playing this archery game. Shooting the big balloons will fetch you less points, whereas shooting the smaller ones will fetch you more points in this arrow shooting game.

Blast multiple balloons at a time, by shooting the elements like crossed axe and chain ball in this bow and arrow game offline. Shoot balloons of different sizes and colors by playing this arrow shooting game. Make sure you aim properly before shooting the balloons with the bow and arrow in this game. Score as high as possible by shooting many balloons in this bow and arrow game.

Download this archery game and shoot as many balloons as possible.

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