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It's Time to Build a Bridge! Test your improvisation and building skills in a puzzle platformer where stakes are higher than your average Golden Gate Bridge.

You must construct a bridge for vehicles on each level. Heck, sometimes monster trucks too!

It's time to get in motion and download the free PC game Build a Bridge!

Get ready for your future as a highly skilled engineer by playing Build a Bridge! on PC and Mac. The task seems simple enough: Build a bridge to help a vehicle cross.

On the initial planning phase, the game features a simple 2D UI. From there, choose the best materials to use on the bridge and connect the dots.

When you feel ready, press the Go button. You can play each level like a puzzle, being as efficient as possible to construct the best bridge.

However, you'll most likely create a failed bridge but that's okay! You can create something out of the box and still make it work! Want to make a loop-de-loop instead of a flat road? Go ahead! Want to add a ramp?

Sure, why not? Gravity can either be your friend or enemy in this game but do whatever you please and make the most out of the physics engine!

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