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Build crazy machines, whip up outrageous donuts and get rich in this new idle clicker game.

Manage your unusual kitchen in a culinary quest to be the richest in the world.

In this tasty time management game you are the owner of a cute little donut shop. Deep-fry donuts, add glaze and decoration, and serve your customers the heavenly delicious treats as fast as you can. Unlock new donuts and decoration items the more you progress and make sure to earn enough cash to meet your daily goals. Bon appetit!


Build various types of machines to create a variety of crazy sugar infused donuts. Upgrade your machines and watch your production line move faster, earning you more money. Make maximum profit from organised chaos.


Hire chefs and work them to the ground. Your chefs continue to make you money, even when you close the game!


Build a global empire! Expand and open new branches all over the world. Worldwide themes and designs available for your unusual kitchen.


Be Rich and Famous! The more branches you own, the more fame you get. Take advantage of your fame to get important upgrades to further improve your wealth.


Win magic gumballs that give your business a huge boost.

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