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If you love Ice Cream games and match 3 games, this is the one for you. Tired of free match 3 games that are not actually free? You won’t have to worry about that in Ice Cream Frozen Mania! Every level has been tried and tested to be beatable without boosts. Of course it doesn't hurt to use a few, especially when you are able to earn gems free for every level you beat.

This Free Ice Cream match 3 game will provide you with lots of fun and some of the greatest challenges!

Ice Candy is one of the best free match 3 games offline you will find and it will have you blasting the yummy icecream in new cool ways by swapping power ups together to get even more points. Match as many tasty treats as possible to get bigger power up blasts including the rainbow Popsicle. As you work your way past the first 100 levels you will notice that they get much harder and some will make you think before you move.

How to Play:

Move the ice cream and popsicles around to match 3 or more same color. Matching more gives you more points and also power ups. Use power ups strategically to complete the level's target objective.

Quick Tips:

- Match more than 3 ice cream to blast them and score more points

- Matching 4 or more ice cream fuses power ups

- Match 5 in an L shape to create an ice cream bomb

- Match 5 in a straight line and you get the most powerful power up

- If you are stuck look for the flashing icecream

- Watching a video after you fail a level gives you an extra 3 moves or 15 seconds of time.

- Every level you pass gives you 1 gem and can be repeated multiple times

- The Broccoli Monster will take over the board if you don't kill him quickly

- Break the frozen ice blocks so that you can keep moving pieces

- Blast and crush ice cream under the items you need to collect such as the ice cream sundae and the chocolate syrup bottle

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